Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Intrigued and Impressed

Being a late-night blogger certainly has its disadvantages. Often, the things I want to talk about have been covered all day long by other bloggers and I'm left with little more than my own opinions about what others have already posted. Occasionally I'll post something before one of the more well-read guys, but those instances are few and far between. This is one of those cases where others have posted about something before I did. Still, I get to put my personal stamp on whatever it is I'm posting about, for whatever that's worth.

Tonight's post is about two things. First: something that intrigues me.

If you attended a screening of Iron Man 2 (I did not, but hope to, soon) this past weekend, then you saw this teaser for J.J. "Lost" Abrams' next feature, Super 8 (which may or may not be a prequel to Cloverfield, depending on which movie bloggers you choose to believe). Personally, your Uncle P doesn't care. I just know that it's produced by the 20th Century's most successful filmmaker and directed by one of the 21st Century's most interesting creative minds.

Here's the very interesting and enigmatic teaser (via):

Okay - Here are my questions: If whatever is inside that freight car can turn the wheel, why does it need to bash its way out, too? Why does the truck driver deliberately crash head-on into the train? Is he/she suicidal or merely attempting to stop it from transporting whatever is in side the freight car? Of course, making the audience ask questions is always the point of a teaser trailer, so I suppose this one is at least successful as far that goes.

Next; something which truly impresses me:

As someone who basically started his theatrical endeavors in Musical Theatre and a lover of most music (don't get me started on what kinds of music I don't like) and a recent convert to the Haus of Gaga, I am just blown away by this 13 year-old's live version of "Paparazzi." See for yourselves (via):

Damn! I may never sing again.

Tomorrow night we are shooting the JTMF promotional video for YouTube. I am very excited and can't wait to see the finished product. You can bet I'll be posting here and on the JTMF Facebook page.

More, anon.

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