Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week

Before I get to the Gayest Thing, I just want to take a moment to memorialize one of film and theatre's treasures. As you probably know by now, the great Lynn Redgrave passed away this morning after a 7 year long battle with breast cancer.

I was literally a child when Georgy Girl was released in 1966, and didn't come to appreciate it until just a few years ago. Georgy Girl was Ms Redgrave's first big starring role but many theatre, TV and film appearances would follow.

Whether it was a role in a ridiculous Steve Martin special; a TV remake (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?) or a lame TV series (Fantasy Island) Redgrave was always a professional.

Of course, it was her turn as James Whale's housekeeper Hannah in 1998's Gods and Monsters that made me realize what a treasure she truly was.

And so, on to gayer (and less sad) things...

On Al Gore's cable network Current, there's a feature called "That's Gay," where they poke fun at homophobia and politics. Here's their latest installment (via):

Things that make you say "Hmm," no?

I probably won't be posting here tomorrow, but make sure you check out the JTMF Blog for photos from our read-through and first rehearsal. If tonight's first real rehearsal is any indicator, I have a hell of a show on my hands with one of the most amazing casts I have been privileged to direct.

More, anon.

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