Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The Skin of Our Teeth" #4

The second night of auditions has passed and I still do not have a leading man. Based on the folks I have already seen, the show is 90% cast, but the second most important role in the show is still available. I am not completely disheartened, however. I have managed to cast the majority of the roles (although I wish I had more for some very talented people to do) and the production aspects of the show are well on their way. I even found a Steam Punk musician who has given me his permission to use his music for the show!
I'm holding call-backs for the role of the Fortune Teller (though I have almost decided on the actress for that part, as well) next Monday and I will be seeing additional actors for Mr. A., as well (a huge "Help" email went out to almost every theatre contact I have, so we'll see what happens). Assuming I find a leading man on Monday, I should have a final cast list by Tuesday.
This is both my favorite and most-dreaded part of directing. They say that 90% of directing is casting, which I whole-hearted believe. Find the right cast, and the rest just falls into place. here's hoping I find the perfect Mr. Antrobus.

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