Sunday, July 20, 2008

"The Skin of Our Teeth" #2

Okay, so I lied.
I had dinner tonight with the man who is going to be the show's puppet master, my dear friend Walter, who is also the technical director at a prestigious Catholic girls' school in Princeton. Walter spent a year or so travelling around with a puppet company called (I swear) Puppenschantz, which naturally led to endless "poop-in-pants" jokes from the all of his friends. But, silly names aside, he learned a lot about puppetry and I intend to milk that knowledge for all it's worth.
We talked about where I wanted to use the puppets and what kinds of puppets I thought were appropriate and he had an idea of his own that I loved, so it looks like we are off to a smashing start. We also talked at length about the Steam Punk concept, and he showed me a picture of a very cool SP set-piece he'd designed for a stage production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," so I know we're on the same page, which is exciting. I'll be posting lots of photos (maybe we can get ourselves a mention on the champion of SP,
I'm now feeling very jazzed by a project that intimidated me, at first. But once I hit upon the Steam Punk idea, it all seems to be coming together in my mind, finally. I'm actually looking forward to auditions now and excited to see what kind of folks show up. I have some actors in mind for certain roles, though nothing is set in stone. I tend to like to work with people I know and whose talents I can trust, though I am always excited to find new talents.
More of this, anon.

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