Monday, July 21, 2008

"The Skin of Our Teeth" #3

First Night of Auditions.

I saw about a dozen people tonight. Some I knew well, others less, and still others not at all. I had several women with the potential to play the Fortune Teller and several other people I can certainly use (the cast is huge), but unfortunately, saw no one for the one role I am most worried about - and that's Mr. Antrobus. The character is Adam; Noah and John Doe. He's Everyman, and as described by the author, has a "Keystone Kops comedy face." He was played by the great Frederick March in the original cast, and is the kind of role I would love to play, if I weren't directing (in fact, I was cast in the part 25 years ago - and was much too young - but turned it down to briefly move to California, something I regret to this day). The point is, I haven't seen one likely candidate for the part. Yikes! Hopefully, tommorow will bring me several from which to choose. Right now, I can cast four of the six main characters, just using people I've already seen and can cast everyone else I saw in one or two smaller roles, each. Not bad, I suppose, for one night's work.

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