Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Least Straight Thing You'll See This Week

This Post Actually Isn't About Richard Simmons, Though It Could Be

Many years ago, I appeared as Arthur in the NJ premiere of Terrance McNally's play Love! Valour! Compassion! The show was a bit of a hit, despite my appearance in the nude. The young Hispanic actor originally cast as Ramon freaked out at the last minute and left the show just about a week before we were supposed to open. Thankfully, we had a backup plan.

A young actor* (who looked about as Hispanic as Prince Harry) stepped in and did an amazing job with only a few rehearsals. The rest of the cast (all but two of whom identified at the time as gay) couldn't help but notice just how comfortable *Shando was stripping down in front of us. One night, celebrating at local gay club, Shando tried to prove how straight he was by making out with another cast member. 

The next Fall, Shando came to me and said "I have a confession to make." I immediately responded with "You're gay." The poor boy seemed upset that no one was surprised by his revelation. And honestly, no one was. We all knew. Even his straight friends knew. I'm happy to report that Shando now lives and bartends in the Castro.I was lucky enough to run into him a few years ago while on a business trip to San Francisco and am happy to report that he is happier than ever.

I must suppose that such is the case with the shirtless young man in the video below, who believes that he is straight enough and comfortable enough with his sexuality that he can make out with a gay friend. The clip has been making the rounds, though I first saw it here.

Here's the thing - "straight" boys who make out with gay boys like this always end up coming out as gay boys, eventually. Always. Just ask my friend, Shando.

More, anon.

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Jon DeepBlue said...

Ah come on! When are we going to finally admit it: WE'RE ALL GAY!!!