Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Most Trans Thing You'll See This Week

Paige Elliott Phoenix

Paige Elliott Phoenix used to be a woman. He was recently featured on "X-Factor Australia" whee he performed "Never Tear Us Apart" by 80's band INXS.

Amid all the ridiculous controversy surrounding Chaz Bono's upcoming appearance on "Dancing With the Stars," it's rather refreshing to see a transgendered person be not only accepted, but lauded for his bravery.

As part of a community which often is as exclusive as it proclaims to be accepting, I am thrilled to see that a transgendered person can be judged solely on his talent, rather who he is (or was). And honestly, if I hadn't told you that Mr. Phoenix had once been female, would you have known? Be honest, now. Look at his picture. That is a picture of someone who is unquestionably male. 

I've mentioned before that sexuality is often a fluid and unknowable thing. But the fact the Bono, Phoenix and others have come to terms with their own sexual dysphoria means that they are now physically who they were meant to be is more than enough for me. As it should be for you. Honestly, how does their need to express their true gender identity affect you? Not in the least. Does it offend your religious sensibilities? Tough. Your religion has nothing to do with theirs or mine or any one else's. 

What matters here is whether or not Mr. Phoenix is talented. And, as the clip below (via) shows, he most certainly is:

If I could, I know I'd vote for him.

More, anon.

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