Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Worst Special FX You'll See This Week

No, I'm not talking about Sharktopus (if you've been reading me for a while, you know I have my own special ax to grind with that particular piece of crap), though those effects are exceptionally bad when you consider they're coming out of a "professional" effects house.

The video below has been making the rounds. I first saw it on Neatorama who linked to it via Gizmodo. I have no idea who Martin Gamal is or where he's from. On his YouTube page, he says this is his first effort at creating an FX demo reel and it shows. Personally, I never would have shared my first effort. The poor guy is certainly being picked on a lot. And I guess he put his heart into it. Still... Gamal does everything he can to fail here, including using footage of himself in what appears to be a... shall we say 'aroused?' state. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind the bad execution from a first-timer. What rankles me most is the ridiculousness of some of it. And yes, we're talking Sharktopus ridiculous.

Mind you, I in no way would attempt to do something like this, no matter how fascinated I have been all my life with movie special effects, so I have to give the young man credit for having the balls to even want to do something like this. But to put it on public display as a demo reel? He was just asking for it. I do wish him well and hope he gets better at it. And if he doesn't, I hope he has the sense to recognize it and stop. In any event, here are the most painful 12 minutes of CGI ever:

More, anon.

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Michael Offutt said...

I dunno. I like it as much as the special effects that I see in Southpark and I watch Southpark. Or they're kinda on the same level as Aqua Teen Hunger Force to be honest and I watch that. I guess I'm not understanding what the big deal is with at least two shows that I named above holding to this standard of special effects. He could easily work for any of those two OR alternately create his own version. As long as it had vulgarity (F-bombs everywhere)...young men will watch it.