Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Movie Roundup

As usual, my birthday month has several movies I want to see, as well as plenty of movies I'd rather be stabbed in the head than see.

Let's start with the latter, shall we? This weekend saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Larry Crowne. The first stars cocky asshat Shia Lebeouf in Michael Bay's third entry into the toy-inspired Sci-Fi noisefest. I did see the first Transformers movie, but couldn't make any sense out of it. The second was universally reviled by critics. And while this third entry in the series seems to be an improvement over the last one, I still can't imagine spending real money to see this crap in a theater. Then there's the latest RomCom starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, about a downsized employee forced to attend college, where he falls in love with his Public Speaking professor. The trailer for this movie makes my eyes bleed. I'll pass.

Next weekend brings us Horrible Bosses from King of Kong director Seth Gordon. A sort of modern take on Strangers on a Train, it tells the story of three friends who want to kill their bosses. I love just about every actor in this movie (Jennifer Aniston aside), so it may be worth seeing. Trailer NSFW:

I won't even talk about the Kevin James "comedy" Zookeeper. Ugh!

July 15th brings us the final (finally!) installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. K loves Harry, so I'll leave it to her to let me know how much she liked it. I haven't seen a Harry Potter movie since the second one, and don't really feel like I'm missing anything really important:

Of course, the weekend after my birthday brings the movie I'm most interested in, Captain America. And I'll be in Chicago that weekend, away from all the folks I most love seeing movies with. I hope they'll wait for me:

Chris Evans... Mmmmmmm!

That weekend also brings us (in limited release) the indie Sci-Fi film Another Earth:

And July's final weekend brings us what may be the most insidiously evil film of all time, The Smurfs, starring a bunch of people who should know better, including Neil Patrick Harris and Hank Azaria:

I'd rather have dental surgery...

So what movies do you want to see this month?

More, anon.

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