Thursday, July 14, 2011

Almost a Favorite

Unlike last year when the astonishing Prince Poppycock stole my heart, I have no clear favorite that I want to win "America's Got Talent." But I was very pleased to see the adorable and talented 18 year-old street dancer Snap Boogie move on to the semi-finals last night.

Combining hip-hop, krunk and pop-and-lock into his own unique style, the Boston cutie-pie has made it to the semi-finals of the NBC talent contest. And while there are plenty of amazing acts I really like (Sandou Trio; Anna Graceman; Team Illuminate and The Rhinestone Ropers to name a few), none of them have quite the charisma of this young man. An infectious smile, seemingly genuine humility and some amazing dance moves have put him at the top of my personal Top 5, so far. There are three more semi-final rounds to go, so there's certainly a chance that some other act may supplant him but so far, Snap is who I'll be voting for this season. 

Do you watch "America's Got Talent?" If so, who is your favorite, so far? 

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Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I don't watch much reality television. There's too many good books to read. I appreciate the summaries though of what I've missed.

Prospero said...

Michael - this is the only one I watch, and I don't lump it in with other "reality" shows like "Survivor" or the "The Bachelor." AGT is pure entertainment and its great to see some really talented folks get a break.