Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Quickie Before I'm Off

I am off tomorrow morning to Chicago; partly for day-job business and partly for fun. I'll be home Tuesday night, but won't have much (if any) internet access while I'm away. In case you're wondering why - I despise laptops and can't justify the price of a tablet right now, though I imagine a tablet will be my next major electronics purchase in the next year or so.

Anyway, I already have plans to get together with the fabulous Stephen Rader and a few other friends while there. If Chicago is still standing after Rader and I get together, it's only because Stephen Rutledge wasn't able to join us.

I've been to the Second City twice - once for a few hours and once for two nights, neither of which was enough time to really explore and have fun. This time I'll have a few extra days to see the sights and carry on (and hopefully catch the Chicago Cash Cab). I want to visit Navy Pier, the Bean, the (formerly) Sears Tower, and maybe catch a show and visit a museum or two. We'll see what time allows. I just hope the heat has moved East by the time I get there... Not that I wish it on my friends and family here, but you know what I mean. No city is fun when it's too hot to walk a block without becoming soaked in sweat.

I'll be back on Tuesday night, no doubt with a tale or two to tell (and hopefully three or four I can't possibly share). I'll let you know if it's anything like this:

Not that that's the kind of club Uncle P will be visiting while there (wink,wink, nudge, nudge).

More, anon.


Mrs. Pine said...

aw, i wanna hear ALL ABOUT it!!!! muah!!! xoxoxo

Stephen R. said...

It was SO GREAT meeting with you and hanging out last night! What a blast! Hope you're having a great time in Chicago. :-)

Jinx said...

Have a safe trip. See you soon.

Stephen said...

I wish I was there... having too much fun & you could be the filling in a Stephen R sandwich, metaphorically.