Monday, December 10, 2012

The Gayest; Draggiest and Hardest-Nippled Christmas Things You'll See This Week

2012 Boston Santa Speedo Run
I think that's the longest title I've ever given to a post. But it will all make sense soon (or not - how should I know if you're sane? I'm obviously not*).

First, the Gayest, Hardest-Nippled part of the post (did you ever think you see the word 'nippled' capitalized?*). Saturday was the annual Santa Speedo Run in the fine city of Boston. Thousands of hotties got together and ran a marathon in the skimpiest beachwear, underwear and holiday costumes possible. It's all for charity and looks like lots of fun and something I wouldn't mind seeing in person. They hold these SSRun events in cities all over the U.S. - hang on - BRB - Damn! No Philly.  Maybe next year (via).

Now onto the draggiest Christmas thing this week. Gender Illusionist Doo-Wop group The Supreme Fabulettes (apparently the toast of gay London) have a new song and video out, just in time for all the holiday cheer. Please enjoy the Boy-George directed "You Ruined My Xmas:" 

Drag is hard and I hate doing it because the costume changes suck, especially without a dresser. I do admire the performers who put up with the inconveniences because they love doing it. And I must admit to having a lot fun doing Hairspray... 

Can you tell I'm getting into the holiday spirit, finally?

More, anon.

*Really. Who else thinks like this? Okay... maybe my sister, a little. And sweet, hilarious Mia - my 'work-niece.' A few other twisted souls on Facebook. Maybe you. I don't worry about it. Neither should you. Who are we to judge anyone, any way? Move along. Nothing more to see here. Well tonight, anyway.

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