Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dance as if Everyone Is Watching

The Very Fine Mr. Gene Kelly
Not too long ago, I was asked if given a choice of any Hollywood star (alive or dead), with whom would I most prefer to spend a romantic evening? My first thought was my Obsession, but then I realized I wanted a dirty, rough and tumble night with Jason. Romance is not in our cards...

For a night of romance...? The choice was obvious... the one and only Gene Kelly. I mean, come on! Look at him there all rugged and gorgeous. He's also my only ever answer to "Astaire or Kelly?" Not to disparage the graceful and talented Fred Astaire. I get it. But Gene... (sigh...) was an athlete. You may have danced with a broom and on the ceiling, Fred but Gene danced in the rain; on roller skates; in barns and with a friggin' cartoon mouse! Plus... well, just look at him! The actor-dancer-singer-choreographer-director was a Star for lots of reasons. Oh -- screw you, Stomp!

Like many who spend their lives in the theatre, I fell in love with performing in Musical Theatre. It was really the first time I actually got the idea of creating a person who was completely different from myself. What gay teen in the 70's wouldn't love that? I literally had a nationally renown high school Theatre teacher who also exposed me to weird, experimental theatre; Thornton Wilder; Edward Albee; T.S. Eliot and Radu & Ragni, all while increasing the greasepaint in my veins... I try not to have regrets about my life. It's led me to so many wonderful things, people, friends and experiences and I wouldn't take back any of it. But I do regret that I never learned how to read music and how to dance. Don't get me wrong - I have danced in musicals. It was always a laborious task - though luckily in high school, you get a lot more rehearsal time than in the real world. Even in college and beyond, I've been able to pull off some complicated stuff, but only with lots and lots and lots of practice. And as with anything, it's gotten even harder with age. I was down to the bare minimum of movement in Hairspray because my knees are so bad - and I was never really all that graceful to begin with. Somehow, I got through it. I don't know if I could again.

What brought all this on is the clip I am about to share (via) called "Let's Dance." It's a compilation of dance clips you may or may not have seen before, this time set to "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers (I'm not familiar, but I think I need to hear more from them). Take a look and then check out some other hot dancers who make me rue my lack of dance talent:

This one's probably NSFW:

Of course, if asked to chose only a living star, it would be gorgeous Bollywood Bear, Hrithric Roshan. Seriously, it should be illegal to be so sexy:

As for this post's title - you've all heard the phrase "Dance as if no one is watching." Well, I call BS! Dance as if  EVERYONE is watching, all the time! Do everything you do like every one is watching. Bask in their admiration and feed off their applause. I think that Jebus fellow might be attributed as having said "Don't hide your light under a bushel" or something to that effect. Revel in all that you are and everything you do. I may not dance, but damn if I can't sing, act and direct. Of course, in thirty-odd years of directing, I've never taken on a musical. And there are plenty on which I want to put my stamp.

I guess I have a new goal. Yay!

More, anon.

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