Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unsung Hotties: Mark Deklin

Mark Deklin

Gorgeous Broadway-turned-TV actor Mark Deklin has been kicking around for a while, appearing on "Frasier;" "Desperate Housewives," "Life on Mars," "Better Off Ted" (a truly hilarious show that deserved more than one season); "Lone Star;" "Nip/Tuck" and in the TV movie "Riverworld." Most recently, Deklin appeared as the closeted gay husband of Miriam Shore's Cricket on ABC's ill-fated mid-season replacement "GCB."

The piercingly green-eyed, square-jawed hunk first caught Uncle P's attention as Dr. Matthew Shaw on another ill-fated TV show, "Justice" in 2006. An accomplished stage actor, Deklin has played Mark Twain on stage and was the fight choreographer for the most recent Broadway productions of Sweet Smell of Success and Cyrano de Bergerac.

Deklin, bound.
A talented and diverse actor, Deklin is one of those actors who delivers consistently excellent performances in what is often less than excellent material (did any of you actually watch "GCB?" Ugh! What a waste of some very excellent actors, including Shore, Annie Potts, Leslie Bibb and the always amazing Kristin Chenowith).

Deklin may well remain among the legions of talented, gorgeous and sexy actors who never make it big in Hollywood, but his many fans (myself included) will continue to root for him and hope that his career takes off in the way that it deserves to.

Mark's next role is as a voice in the upcoming animated version of Tarzan alongside Kellan Lutz. Seriously? You have two amazingly hot actors just giving voice to characters in a Tarzan movie? WTF? We want flesh, Hollywood.

Here's a clip of the much under-appreciated Deklin with the equally underrated Miriam Shore (Hedwig and the Angry Inch; "Swingtown") from "GCB:"

See what I mean?

More, anon.

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Yummy & talented... a perfect combo!