Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week

Casey Wilson and Adam Pally on ABC's "Happy Endings"

I pretty much love ABC's current Wednesday night comedy lineup. "The Middle" is amusing (though the daughter annoys the hell out of me and Patricia Heaton's political views make me crazy). "Suburgatory" is down right hilarious, thanks to its mega-talented cast and of course, "Modern Family" is the second best network sitcom on TV (right behind NBC's brilliant "Community"). Last in the lineup is "Happy Endings," which might best be described as '"Friends" in Chicago with an edge.' The show's ensemble includes comedy progeny Damon Wayons, Jr; former SNL member Casey Wilson; "24" alum Elisha Cuthbert; Eliza Coupe (the only reason to watch the last season of "Scrubs"); Zachary Knighton of the ill-fated Sci-Fi thriller "Flash Forward" and adorable-ish bear Adam Pally.

Pally plays Max, a neurotic gay slacker with a history of failed relationships and a penchant for obscure references (last week's episode saw him dressing for the gym as Josh Brolin's character in Goonies). In last night's episode (which I still haven't seen but is saved on my DVR), Max entertained at a gay wedding, performing a drag version of Madonna's 'Like a Prayer.' I came across this clip on Towleroad, and immediately knew I had to share:

Pally is has managed to take a character most people would hate and elevate him into one people forgive his foolishness for because he's just this side of adorable. If you aren't watching "Happy Endings," you should. The smart, often sexy and always very funny ensemble help to make "Happy Endings" into what was once referred to as 'Must See TV' on another network.

More, anon.

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Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I'm kind of torn about Happy Endings. I love some episodes. When Max got his boyfriend during valentines, I got swept away. But then he lost him and now he's just behaving badly again. And some of the characters annoy me. I did like the "Like a Prayer" rendition. torn. Why couldn't they have kept Max's boyfriend. I LOVED HIM.