Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grim Night

One last zombie break before Halloween, yes? It'll be worth it, I promise.

Writer/Director Bryan Bertino (The Strangers - a movie I've actually grown to like more than my initial review might suggest) is back as the producer of Grim Night. From what little I have found online, Grim Night supposes a world in which one night a year, creatures called "Grims" arrive and kill hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It's not clear whether these beings are supernatural or extraterrestrial from the super-creepy trailer, though the spec trailer was good enough for Universal to buy the rights to the movie, which looks like nothing we've ever seen.

Bertino's 2008 film The Strangers is about a couple (Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler) who are randomly targeted and terrorized by a trio of psychotics. While I first found the movie a bit derivative, subsequent viewings have left me decidedly unnerved by the randomness of it all. Of course, the cold and emotionless attitudes of its masked killers (Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks and Laura Margolis) only adds to the terror. 

Yikes! Is Tamara home?*

More, anon.

*Did anyone else notice the reference to The Strangers in this week's Halloween episode of "Psych?"


Anonymous said...

As a screen writer could you answer a question for me? This GRIM NIGHT is a complete retelling of a short story from the 1980's Twilight Zone magazine. I mean it's nearly identical. I still have the issue but will have to look up the name of the story. One night a year creatures show up in random locations throughout the world and kill tens of thousands. Sound familiar? My question is why don't they have to give that author credit? I am sure they wrote thee own screenplay but don't they have to acknowledge where it was inspired? It is sooo identical I don't believe for a second they never read that story. Thanks! I like your site.

Anonymous said...

Just looked it up. It's called THE SPIRIT OF THINGS.

Prospero said...

Anon - they may well do so, if the writers did actually adapt that story. "Grim Night" still has no IMDb listing, so I couldn't find any writing credits.