Monday, October 17, 2011

Funny Strange or Funny Ha-Ha?

That's not tiger's blood.

While not included in the list of sites I visit regularly, I do love the occasional trip to, the Photoshop site that offers tips and provides glimpses into what the best Photoshop users have to offer. They often sponsor hilarious contests and many of the photos in tonight's post are from those contests.

As my buddy Pax Romano recently lamented, zombies are literally everywhere these days. Pax thinks the proliferation of zombies lessens their impact as a horror sub-genre. I
 would politely like to disagree. Yes, there is tons of silly zombie stuff out there but there are still plenty of zombie-related things that are effectively terrifying. Just take a look at last night's season premiere of "The Walking Dead." I haven't been so anxious since Romero's original Dawn of the Dead as I was during the "herd" scene. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun with zombies. And that's what tonight's post is all about. Fun. And what could be more fun than celebs as zombies? Many of the images presented below are hilarious. Some are disturbing. And even more are both. I'll leave it up to you to decide:

Can zombies be sexy?

Brad is currently shooting the film adaptation of Max Brooks' novel World War Z. Personally, I'm confused by this, as Brook's novel had no through-line to connect each chapter.

Brad's "Wife" seems well-suited to the genre, doesn't she?

Angelina must be zombified, taking care of all those kids, don't you think?

"No! Not Clay! he can't be ga...err, um... a zombie!"

Clay Aiken always seemed to be a zombie to me, even after he finally came out. Ick!

Gaga puts the 'gag' in Gaga

As much as I've come to love her, Lady Gaga will never be as cool as George Romero or Tom Savini.

Zombie Douchebag

I'm sorry, but even zombification can't make a douchebag like Eminem cool.

What Are You Waiting For?

She may not be a "Holla Back Girl" (whatever the f*ck that is), but Gwen Stephani makes for one Hella zombie.

Attend the Tale of a Miscast Actor

I understand Depp's appeal as an actor in some roles, but I don't get him as a sex symbol. Maybe this picture explains why.

Love Me

He's never looked better.

"I just wanna have lunch!"

Goldie is like 400 years old now, right?

"Melissa! Brains! Now!"

Oh, wait. Joan Rivers is still alive.

Or is she....?

No wonder Rose let him go...

His heart will go on?

Abandon Hope...

I imagine the ravages of the office will leave Mr. Obama looking very much like this once his terms are over.

You Know I'm No Good

Too soon?

 Even cartoon characters aren't immune to the Zombie Plague...

Brain patties, anyone?

He lives in a cemetery under the sea...

Mickey! Noooooooo!

The Scariest Place on Earth?

Oh, bother!

That's not honey!

This one's for D

Of course, there's always the celebrity zombie tattoo...

Okay. You may be asking what planted the seeds for this Celebrity Zombie post. Well, I'll tell you. The sweet, smart and very funny daughter of one Uncle P's dearest and oldest friends posted the following video on my facebook wall:

Does Caitlin know her Uncle P, or what?

Needs More Cowbell

More, anon.

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Mrs. Gosling said...

what about walking dead review??? wasn't it great??? you have to mention talking dead show by my chris hardwick in next post! it's gonna air each sunday for a half hour! i think i said this already. ha. loved it, though. can't wait for sunday again. PLUS dexter good times this sunday from now on this fall...blood is EVERYWHERE. yum.