Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Last "Die Mommie Die!" Post

Well, I finally got a disc that worked and as promised, here are some pictures from dress rehearsal. There are a few minor costume accessories that were still missing and Angela's wig hadn't been styled, but I you get the idea. Click the pics for larger versions.

That's Kathy Garofano (L) and Kelly Reilly as Bootsie and Edith, on your left. I  love that adorable dress on Kelly.

Kelly and Damian Gaeta as Tony.

We used the screens in the back for our production of The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, as well. They're really quite effective.

Kelly, David C. Hamm (C) as Angela and Damian. 

Putting a 6' 1" man in 3" heels and a bee-hive wig makes for a rather gigantic woman.

David, Damian, John Devennie (as Sol) and Kelly.

John and Matty Daley (R, as Lance).

Poor Matty spent the show with his hair in his eyes so he could look more like a Flower Child.

David in Angela's tennis whites and Matty, holding one of the best props ever: "Angela Arden's 1954 Christmas Album." If you enlarge it, you can see it actually has David's picture on it. We let him keep it, after the show.

John, Kelly, David and Matty.

David was so enamored of the kimono, he commissioned our costumer to make one for him in black. We also let him keep the black pumps and the rhinestone flip-flops. 

Angela inserts the poisoned suppository, much to Sol's discomfort.

This scene got howls from our audiences, especially when the suppository slipped out of its hiding place on Opening Night and they had to re-insert it.

Tony seducing Edith...

Tony seducing Lance.

And yes, we put a giant rubber phallus in Damian's pants. The things I ask my actors to do.

Lance and Edith plot their revenge...

Edith with a cheek full of scissors!

Angela takes a little acid trip...

Lance and Edie fighting over Tony and his package...

Sol confronts Barbara with the truth!

Bootsie's alive, too!

One last time - the amazing cast of the JTMF 2011 production of "Die Mommie Die!" (from L to R):

John Devennie; Matty Daley; Damian Gaeta; David Hamm; Kelly Reilly and Kathy Garofano. 

More, anon.

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