Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feeling Adrift

So, not that you do (or should) care, but I'm feeling a bit adrift right now. Die Mommie Die has come and gone and while I'm excited about my upcoming trip to Chicago in a few weeks, I'm left with... well... nothing right now. And while I know a lot of folks would welcome several weeks of nothing of to do, it makes Uncle P crazy. Other than the day job (which is excruciating slow this time of year), I have nowhere I have to be, nothing I have to do and no one I must answer to. 

And while I should probably be spending my free time working on unfinished projects (I have both a screenplay and a stage play in progress), I just can't find the motivation to work on either. Hell, it was all I could do to come up with a blog post tonight - and that's not saying much when all I'm doing is bitching about ennui. Hell, there aren't even any decent movies opening this weekend for me to ramble about. Even my own plans for my birthday are proving a bust, as only Dear D has responded as "Attending" on Facebook (not that a day with D is a disappointment - he's like the younger brother I never had). 

Okay - whine over. I guess I'm just glad that Cowboys & Aliens has been moved up to a July 29th release. 

There. Now I feel a little better.

More, anon.


DeepBlue said...

Post production depression! It'll go, you know that!
Enjoy the "ennui", wallow all you want since it's part of the game and will always be! *sigh*

Jinx said...

Oh, post show blues are the worst. Hope you feel better soon, m'dear. x

Prospero said...

Thanks, guys! I'll get better, soon. It's good to know others know how I'm feeling!

Mrs. Pine said...

well i love you lots and i will make a day for us to celebrate as well. so forget if not too many have replied yet!! and as for good movies-- yes, cowboys and aliens is a good time-- i hate to say taht i'm going to see horrible bosses, but the boys in it i'm a fan of. i hope you get out of your funk (i'm sometimes sort of in one, so i hear you) and remember that you're fabulous and that funks come and go. it's ok to just do nothing sometimes! i'll let you know about those dates you gave me. xoxooxo love you lots!!! ps do you have a good book you want to get into? i'd say rent some breaking bad and watch it from the beginning-- that will definitely make your funk look like fluff!!! hehe jk well you know what i mean!! or you will when you see!! :) xoxoox