Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It Just Got Gayer

Look at that adorable young boy in the purple fur hat and sequined jacket. If you haven't seen it by now, CNN is circulating a clip from the game show 'To Tell the Truth,' featuring a certain gorgeous CNN anchor at age 9, pretending to be the World's Youngest Professional Bear Trainer for Circus Vargas. If you haven't seen the Silver Siren's TV debut, you can do so, below. The QT got more votes than the real kid. And can you blame the panel? Are all the Vanderbilts this adorable? Some one who has PhotoShop needs to put the purple hat on present-day Anderson. I mean, the white hair is entirely part of Coop's charm, but the purple with those blue eyes... sigh... Here's the clip (via):

Not to be outdone, The Daily Show's John Stewart had another hilarious and insightful LGBT story last night. Attacking homophobia from all sides, while earning every giggle he could wring out of the bit, Stewart once again proves that walking the line on the side of right can be very funny. Especially when the opposing side is made up of  idiots. Also via, here's the clip:

Unfortunately, there will always be ignorant, fearful bigots. If they haven't gone away by the 21st Century, they're not going away any time, soon. Hell, we can't get rid of the White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. We're supposed to get them to accept anything other than straight WASPs?  Happily, their numbers are dwindling.  The changes in attitude towards gay people in my lifetime are simply astonishing to me. But we still have  along way to go. And while I'd like  to see full equality in America in my lifetime, I don't have the highest of hopes of ding so. Thankfully, the next generation seems to get it

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Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Anderson Cooper is indeed very cute. That clip was awesome, thanks for posting it. I want us to have more rights. I work in Utah and feel so oppressed here because it is a Republican state filled with bigotry. Even more frustrating to me though are gays who are not on the same page as I. Young gay men and women who insist that they aren't oppressed, young gay men who are part of the Mormon church and who don't see that as a problem, etc. Their lack of education or lack of caring is shocking and really makes me mad.