Monday, May 16, 2011

Eyes, Hair, Mouth, Figure...

That's the amazing and hilarious playwright/actor Charles Busch as Angela Arden in Die Mommie Die!, the play I am currently directing for the James Tolin Memorial Fund's annual AIDS benefit, June 24th - 26th. Charles is a very handsome man who knows how to wield a makeup brush (and it helps that he has great bone structure).

Thankfully, I have been able to cast an equally handsome actor with great bone structure. David previously appeared as Steve in our production of The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told and I am thrilled that he agreed to play the role. Still, cheekbones aside, David isn't quite the 'petite flower' that Mr. Busch is. 6' 1" tall, broad-shouldered with an athletic build and size 12 feet, costuming him is going to be a challenge, to say the least.

I've been Googling "Transvestite Supplies;" "Transvestite Clothing" and "Transvestite Shoes" with limited success. When I played Arnold in Torch Song Trilogy, our producer found a Trans Clothing store on EBay, where she was able to procure a pair of black patent pumps with 3" heels for me. I'm hoping she'll be able to do the same for him. I'm planning a trip to M*A*C counter at Macy's for cosmetics and our costumer is going to do her best to find clothes in her stock, but finding late-60's period pieces in his size is going to be a challenge, at best.

So I am turning to you, dear readers, for help. If you know of any Trans clothing suppliers in the Philadelphia/New York/New Jersey area, please let me know. I'll even give you a "Special Thanks" nod in our program. You'll be helping a great cause, too.

Here are some clips from the 2003 movie version starring Busch; Natasha Lyonne; Jason Priestley; Frances Conroy and Philip Baker Hall:

PS - 10 points if you know the reference in this post's Musical Theatre-inspired title...

More, anon.


Mrs. Pine said...

10 POINTS!!! EVITAAAAAAAA!!! i wish i could help with the costuming, but alas, i'm not good but for the internet being in my place. i hope you find good stuff. i don't know if i can come this year, i'm so sad-- work is in the way b/c of staffing issues and me being one of the head honchos now and all. but i will be there in spirit and definitely still make an attempt to come if i can. we MUST plan a separate date for sure to celebrate your bday and such this summer, so be in touch, mister! love you!!! xoxoxo

Jono said...

Evita. You big queen. Xoxo.

Prospero said...

Who you calling a queen, Princess? :D