Sunday, June 20, 2010

Uncle P Goes AWOL

There's something almost Soviet about this military poster (from I'm guessing the '60's). Those are some pretty harsh consequences, but I'm willing to risk it for art's sake.

Truth be told, I'm going into "Hell Week" for Sordid Lives and I simply won't have time to say "Boo!" let alone write a coherent and semi-interesting post. I will be posting during the day on the JTMF Blog, though there will not be a Zombie Zone post next week.

Today was our load-in at the actual theatre. No more rehearsals in cramped, ill-equipped classrooms! Yay!!!!
Our set has no walls, just furniture, most of which we pulled from stock. I drove up to Anything But Costumes to pick up some props, and by the time I got to the theatre, the cast was leaving. The real coup of the day was getting a real casket, prie-dieu and a wheeled catafalque. You have no idea what a relief that is. And my producer (bless her), spent yesterday morning scouring the gigantic Columbus Market and found what may actually be the easiest and best solution to our prosthetic limb issues (yes folks, it's that kind of show). I'll let you in on the magic, after you've seen the show. All this bodes well for the few things we're still missing (I'm having some computer issues which are affecting my ability to record the sound plot,* but I know there are solutions available, so I am not panicked yet.

My producer and I were talking about how we are curiously relaxed. as opposed to some past JTMF events. But we realized (as we did last year), we've been doing this for eight years now and if we aren't on top of things by now, we should just give up.

Okay - it's late and I still have to cut up fruit and make my lunch for the day job, tomorrow.

More, eventually...

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