Friday, June 18, 2010

Meg's Dad Rocks!

My very sweet friend Megan is coming down from Connecticut next Sunday to see Sordid Lives and have lunch and a visit with me. I'm very excited to see her, as it's been at least a year, though we send one another silly emails and links to pictures of hot boys like a couple of adolescent girls (she just turned 30 and I, as you know, am older than dirt). She's staying overnight at another friend's close by, making the most of her time in NJ.

Anyway, she and I were IMing earlier this evening and she mentioned her Dad had a blog. Now, she had told me before that he was doing a big charity cross-country motorcycle trip, but I forgot about the blog. I immediately visited it and was most pleasantly surprised. It's best to explain in his own words:

This is the beginning of an adventure. I am planning a cross country trip by motorcycle in the spring of 2010. Sharing that adventure with others is one of the goals.

In 2009, I have been concentrating on the trip planning and riding my 2008 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. As a senior, one of my concerns was how many miles could I travel in comfort considering the changeable weather and traffic conditions. So far I have done well, logging three trips of 650 miles, 210 miles and 500 miles. With this experience, I know my limits and can more realistically plan for the trip. Particularly helpful in the trip planning was the website Motorcycle Touring for Beginners at

Free Spirit

As far as I can tell, that is the only time he signs an entry. The pictures are often breathtaking and "Free Spirit's" writing is funny, poignant, instructional and inspirational. I'm now following Free Spirit at his blog, Coast to Coast and highly recommend his very well-written travelogue. You can also link to Coast to Coast from my blog list on the lower left side of this page. Meg's dad is currently in Utah, which means his trip is almost over, but you can (and should) start at the beginning.

I'll be posting on the ZZone tomorrow (though not next Saturday, the 26th) and I'll be back here Sunday, but I wouldn't expect a whole lot more until after Sordid Lives closes on the 27th (unless the JTMF YouTube vid is ever finished...). See? Now you know I'm tired when I get really bitchy. I'm sorry. The man is doing us a favor... When the clip is finally online (dear Lord, please by tomorrow), I will post it here; on the JTMF blog; the JTMF Facebook page and my Facebook page. I am excited to see it, especially after seeing the same videographer's final edit of Psycho Beach Party. You'll know as soon as I do.

More, eventually.


Anonymous said...


Reading your blog is fun, and I was pleased to see how much you enjoyed Dave's blog. We had great fun on the trip - 6 weeks raced by - and he had a good time relating his experiences on-line, as you can tell.

Thanks for the positive comments. We'll hope to meet you again someday on a trip to New Jersey.

Judy McChesney

Prospero said...

Thanks, Judy! Looking forward to seeing you again, too! Glad you guys had such a great ride. I was very jealous.