Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gayest Sh*t You'll See This Week

I almost used a different image tonight, but this one made me laugh because the sign itself is a funny fail, made funnier by bad spelling. It's like the He-Man Woman Hater's Club grew up and founded a nudist colony, despite Miss Crabtree's best efforts to teach them how to spell.

Those links and references were aimed solely at my sister and so dearest friend, Q -- and yes, I have a friend who designs gadgets for MI6 -- and they have little to do with tonight's topic, except that the sign made me think of one of my favorite lines from "Will and Grace." Will asks Jack some really obvious question and Jack's response is: "Does a gay bear have anonymous sex in the woods?" Ta-da! Talk about a segue (no, not this).

So, tonight's first really gay thing is this almost unbelievable clip from a 1992 Danish film called (I'm not making this up) Gayn*****s From Outer Space. The space-zombies over at i09 linked this item from a blog called Filmdrunk. And while I would like to think that the filmmakers were trying to make a comedy that pays homage to '70's Blaxploitation, I fear they were merely paying homage and forgot the comedy part... I am stunned that such a movie exits and had to share the horror with you. It gets really gay around 3:35 (may be NSFW):

Oh, those Dutch! Wooden shoes, windmills, tulips and... wait for it........................... dykes.

And I know I've been talking a lot about Lady Gaga, lately. I broke down and bought "The Fame Monster" and I'm loving it. I have to admit, the Lady is hardly a tramp. While some might dismiss her as just a freak, hers is some of the best dance music I've heard since the 90's, and her lyrics can be quite clever. After being seduced by "Teeth" (the video I posted last month has been removed - sorry), I checked out more and really liked what I heard, so I bought the CD. I love her video for "Bad Romance" and a few days ago discovered how good a song "Speechless" is. And tonight, coming home from a very, very long day of lunacy, idiocy and probable mental incapacity at the day job, I discovered how much I liked her duet with Beyonce on somewhat silly "Telephone." They sound great together and the song just makes me want to move.

Well, synchronicity met up with serendipity tonight, because I logged onto the interwebs when I finally got home and discovered a fan-made video (via) for that very song, which very well may be the gayest video karaoke ever. I know that the two real ladies in question will be gracious enough to allow this loving tribute to go viral - it's funny, sassy and oh-so-gay, as well as a dead-on parody of Gaga's other videos. Enjoy, bitches:

I'm off to commit more atrocities to paper... Act I of the new screenplay is almost finished. The real fun starts after about three more pages. Let's see how depraved I can get. Oh -- and another snow-bound Zombie Zone post tomorrow -- and you know what happened the last time. Be afraid... be very afraid...

Oh, crap! Now I've gone and raised your expectations and I'll have to be really on tomorrow night. Of course, being snow-bound will also mean plenty of time for Act II... Okay, you can be afraid again...

More, anon.

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Stephen said...

Oh my... that is quite the find.
I hate to admit it, but & am zany for GaGa.