Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe

I have not seen (and in all honestly, probably will not see) Precious. That's not to say it isn't a fine fine. I'm sure it is. But its just not my kind of movie. As if I haven't said it enough, Uncle P is a huge Genre Queen. If it has demons; aliens; monsters; killers; gore; ghosts; robots; dinosaurs; lycanthropy; mythology; mutants; lasers; space travel; mad scientists and (of course) zombies or any combination thereof, I'm all over it.

And while I certainly do love an occasional comedy (my favorite movie of all time is Bringing Up Baby, after all); drama; romance and (on the very rare occasion) romantic comedy, bleak urban dramas such as Precious, while important films with important messages, are simply not my cup of of tea.

I really hadn't paid much attention to this film, because I knew I wouldn't be seeing it. Even after Mo'Nique won the Golden Globe, I didn't plan on seeing it. I have no personal point of reference* for films like Precious and just find them depressing and as far from entertaining as a movie can get.

What does fascinate me is he sudden rise to fame that has accompanied the actress in the film's title role, Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe. Ms Sidibe a 29 year-old student who skipped class and auditioned on a whim, finds herself nominated for an Oscar. I had only seen pictures and clips from the film, so the interview with Gabby (embedded below) on The View (via) is the first I've seen and I am struck by not only her poise, but her grasp on reality in the face of a profoundly life-changing series of events. See if you don't agree:

Funny, smart and apparently very talented, I think Gabby has a great career ahead of her. And it's so nice to know that it can still happen to anyone. She may not stand a chance against the likes of Meryl, Sandra or Helen, but I have a feeling this won't be her last time on the Red Carpet.

In case you were wondering (not that you were...) I did manage to get about 8 pages written in the new screenplay last night and and am hoping for at least four or five more tonight, so I will end here.

More, anon.

*This is something which seems to plague me as an actor, as well. See any of my posts about my last acting gig.

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She is a great interview.