Friday, December 11, 2009

The Creepiest Things You'll See This Week

Oh, dear. Some one left their Baby Jane Hudson doll at the malt shop. At least I hope that's what happened. Or if not, then I hope the woman in this photo does not have Internet access, because if you Google the word "creepy," hers is one of the first images to come up. What may be even worse, she actually reminds your Uncle Prospero of a woman at his day job (I'll leave it to my co-workers who read this blog to figure who it is, though I am sure they instantly made the connection). Not that I'm being mean here. The woman is actually creepy - crass, tacky and lacking any real social skills (or vocal volume control), the co-worker in question has never once looked me in the eye, no matter how many times I have smiled at her or tried to be friendly.

Still, that photo is only one of three very creepy things I have to share with you, tonight.

The second (via) is a rather controversial video from a New Yorker who noticed that food had begun to disappear from his apartment. After confronting his girlfriend (who denied eating the food) about it, he decided to put a surveillance camera in his kitchen:

From the comments on BoingBoing, a lot of folks think this video is a fake, mostly because the woman leaves her water jug behind when she crawls back into her hidey-hole. I'm not so sure it is a fake. First, it is New York City. There are plenty of loonies in the Big Apple who are more than capable of doing such a thing. Second, she's almost caught when the guy gets up for a drink in the middle of the night. That could be enough to rattle her into leaving the jug behind. And third, even if you are desperate for attention on the Interwebs, why would you go to such lengths to fake such a thing? There are plenty of other ways to get noticed on line. I haven't gone so far as to research the NYPD logs for documentation of this incident, but I think it's the real deal.

Finally, in the Creepy Anthropomorphic Robots category of creepiness (also via), comes this video of a robot dance competition in Tokyo last month. Way creepier than that Lou Bega robot* from last year:

I don't know if it's the plaid schoolgirl uniform or the expressionless, Anime-style face... but it's sure creepy, alright.

Uncle P has loads of fun stuff planned for the Zombie Zone tomorrow, so don't forget to check it out. Hope to see you here on Sunday...

*Is it me, or does that video remind you of Ray Harryhausen's giant crab from Mysterious Island?

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