Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week

Oh man. I seriously love whoever wrote this MSNBC piece about today's tea-bag tax protest. Obviously, the right-wing nutjobs who organized the whole thing had no idea what the term "tea-bagging" refers to (and if you don't know, you have no business reading this blog - or we need to have a serious conversation...). Anyway, watch the clip (thanks to my friend and fellow blogger, Steven Rader) and then tell me what you think they're really talking about, here:

The sexual innuendos just don't stop. They're going to take a "licking" and a "tongue lashing." "In a nutshell" the "Teabag Mouthpieces" will get "firm support," even though they are somewhat "tight-lipped" about their "personal taste of tea-bagging." They're even going to need a "Dick Army." OMG! My sides hurt. There's got to be a whole "sackful" of double entendres in that newscast! Please, someone call John Waters, ASAP!

More, anon.

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Stephen R. said...

"That's teabagging in a nutshell." The more I watch this clip, the more intricate it becomes. This is genius!!!!