Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Marriage Equality

It seems to me that not since the mid-to-late 80's AIDS protests, has the community come together as strongly as it has after the passing of California's Proposition 8. I read somewhere (and if you recognize the quote, please let me know where it came from) that the CLS doesn't understand why they're being targeted by the protests. Someone said "If the American Cattle Growers Association had spent so much money on passing the measure, we'd be protesting them."
This past Saturday, huge rallies were held in New York, Philadelphia and other major cities.
I was unable to attend, but my favorite Weekly World News character of all time, Batboy, managed to make it. I'm so glad the little beastie finally came out.
Many are calling Prop 8 the New Stonewall; a catalyst for change and a turning point in the LGBT civil rights movement. Some are making loud statements, as seen in the above video. Others, are making subtler, though no less powerful statements. hopes to make their knotted white ribbon as ubiquitous as the red AIDS ribbon. I know I'll be wearing one along with my red ribbon at this year's JTMF event.
Finally, not just because I love it so much, I'm posting the trailer for Were the World Mine again, because never has it seemed more appropriate. Yes, we do have families and we do have values, thank you!
More of this, anon.

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