Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today, for the first time, two of Zebina and Zebadiah's chicks emerged from the nest to try their wings.
First came a plump chick who I discovered amidst a great commotion and flapping of wings. It sat on the floor of the cage for quite some time (an hour or so) before attempting to fly, which it did, but not without quite some effort.
Not long after, I noticed the almost all white chick had joined its sibling. Both of them spent the better part of the day flapping about and testing their flying skills. Occasionally, one or two of the remaining chicks would poke its head out and look around, as though thinking about joinging the others but eventually all of them returned to the nest for the night.
I imagine that over the next few days I will see all six testing their wings. Zebina is still feeding them (their tiny beaks are still quite black and I imagine not ready to crack open the nutritious seeds and millet I supply until they have turned orange and red like their parents').
I'm quite enjoying this experience, but I suppose I have start calling around soon to see who will buy them, though I am tempted to keep at least the white one... I'll probably name it something corny like Znowball. Any suggestions? We shall see what we shall see, I suppose.
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