Friday, September 19, 2008

Music Woes

Okay - I use music a lot when I direct, and this production is no exception. I have everything I need for Act II, the Act II Intermission and the Act III slide show. But I find myself frustrated to death with finding Pre-show music, Act I Intermission, Act I & Act III incidental music and a curtain call piece. Everything I have that's remotely appropriate for the show's weirdness is also much too dark for a comedy. I have listened to well over 50 different CDs and nearly 1000+ tracks and I still haven't found the right pieces. Maybe I need to re-think the stuff I'm listening to. Tomorrow is my last full day before hell week begins, and I'd like to have as much in place as possible before the Cue-to-Cue on Sunday (sigh).
As always, more anon...

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