Saturday, September 6, 2008

Costumes, Jams & Pie

My Producer, Technical Director (who are married to one another) and I, all went up to Scaramouche (the costumers) this morning. Our appointment was at noon, which meant I had to leave my house at 10:00. This, with the eminent tropical storm Hannah looming along the east coast. It was a dreadfully humid, grey morning and the drive to their house in Flemington was a bore, but I filled up on relatively inexpensive gas along the way, and certainly enjoyed the company for the rest of the day.
Scaramouche is one of several businesses run on the grounds of a farm owned by two life partners who have taste, money and talent. Mark, the partner I met and dealt with today, is a genius. He plucked the idea for Sabina's Act III costume right out of my head without me having to tell him any details. We managed to find most of the pieces for the main cast members and several for supporting roles. Those pieces we didn't pull, Mark assures me he has, and I trust him completely, especially after the Sabina skirt ESP. We hope we can costume the extras with stock at the theatre (or their own clothes). In addition to the costume rental and construction business, The Boys (as my producer calls them) also run a farm, orchard, country store and bakery, complete with the most amazing home-made pies and pastries, soup and pancake mixes, honey, jams and preserves. I bought jams while my co-horts bought a "Harvest Pie" which we had as dessert to our late lunch (one of the most amazing burgers I've ever had) at the California Grill in Flemington.
Back at their house, my TD and I finally finished out paper-tech (over pie!), which was far less painless than either of us anticipated. Then we took a look through the on-line catalog of the prop house we're visting tomorrow morning. If they have everything I saw and wanted (and we can afford them), I will be a very, very happy director.
The storm proved to be a mountain out of a molehill, and while my drive home had one or two intense moments, I made it back in one piece and can spend the night in my own bed, with my special pillow and my fan for white noise (not to mention being able to stay up as late as I want to blog and what-not...).
Bonus - my producer suggested a music source for a piece I had been searching for and fretting over, and it turned out to be bloody near perfect. Yay! I am off now to work on more music. Feeling better and better about the show as it progresses.
And did I mention the pie? Yikes, was it good!
As always, more of this, anon.
More as promised: I have completely replaced my Act II Intermission music. So happy. I still have several things to play with, but am very happy at my progress.
More anon, again.

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