Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"The Skin of Our Teeth #8"

Our first blocking rehearsal was interesting, to say the least. I still haven't received a floor plan from my set designer, so we only had the vaguest idea of where some things (like the front door) will be. I have found that one of my younger actors may have some issues overcoming some inherent speech patterns, and one of my older actors has no frame of reference for '70's pop-culture. It's interesting that several of the younger folks can't seem to differentiate between "Miss" and "Missus." I suppose it's a product of modern lazy speech. I'll break them of it, though. It was also interesting to work with a large cast again - it's been a while since I had to 'direct traffic.'

Still, we got further than I thought we would, and only stopped where we did because I was missing a few cast members, due to prior commitments we already knew about. Oh, and I lost a younger cast member because of his high school marching band commitments, though there will be no problem in reassigning his roles to others.

Off to a good start, I think. Tomorrow night we have off, so I'll be blogging about movies again.

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