Thursday, August 28, 2008

Real-Life Backstage Drama, Part Deux!

Oh, how I hate that it's a week later and there is still Real-Life Drama going one. Different drama, but real-life, none the less.
We worked with the shell of the Mammoth puppet for the first time the other night. It is massive! They had to enlarge the door - it now looks like that gate the guards the Skull Island natives in King Kong (which is exceedingly cool and dramatic and I love it). Upon seeing the basic frame on stage, my immediate thought was "Oh, God! With two giant monsters on stage, no one will see my actors!" Then I found out the puppets couldn't sit down and had to be at their full height all the time. Then I realized that they couldn't do any of the funny stuff I had already blocked for them. So I went to speak with my Puppet Master who is a dear friend, to talk about adjustments. Somehow, neither one of us understood what the other was saying, and it led to heated tones and I, not wanting to escalate, walked away. He took that as me shutting him down and both of us were pissy and stupid in the way that only good friends can be with one another. My sent-from-heaven producer (and a mutual friend of the Puppet Master) went to talk with him after rehearsal. I got home and immediately sent a very apologetic, and fully explanatory email. Needless to say, we met today and all is well. We ironed everything out, both of us agreeing on the adjustments to both the puppets and my blocking.
The Sabina issue is no longer an issue - I love her and she'll give me what I want and need from the character. All is once again well in Directorland.
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