Monday, December 2, 2013

World AIDS Day 2013

 I spent World AIDS day painting my bathroom. Of course, that hardly means I ignored the day, even if I spent most of it painting my bathroom.

I won't get into who I've lost or why this cause is so important to me and many people I know and love. It shouldn't really matter. HIV/AIDS is still a global killer. AIDS doesn't care if you are straight or gay; black or white; Hispanic or Asian; African or American. The HIV virus works on the same imperatives we all do: live; feed; reproduce. That's all it cares about (not that a virus actually cares about anything). 

AIDS is NOT just a 'gay' disease. HIV doesn't care or know who it infects or kills. It simply wants to follow those imperatives, and it does so, quite well.

I have personally lost at least two friends (one of them an ex) to AIDS. Some folks I know have lost more.

I encourage all of my readers to give to AIDS-fighting charities like amFAR, The Hyacinth Foundation or even JTMF (or any organization dedicated to the eradication of this insidious virus. It is my dream to see a cure/virus in my lifetime. I hope you feel the same.

More, anon.

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