Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Gayest Muppets You'll See on My Birthday

Yes, today is Uncle P's birthday. I share it with Vin Diesel; Nelson Mandela; Wendy Williams; Kristen Bell; John Glenn; Red Skelton; Richard Branson; James Brolin; Hunter S. Thompson; Harriet Nelson; Martha Reeves; Elizabeth McGovern (born the same year); Grant Bowler; Paul Verhoeven and my fellow blogger, Horror fan, Facebook friend and Jersey Boy, Pax Romano (among others). 

My poor mother was in labor with me for 46 hours in a Trenton, NJ hospital without air-conditioning during what is traditionally the hottest week of the year. I was two weeks late in a time before planned Caesareans and induced labor. Given the current weather conditions, I can't believe she loves me as much as she does. And while I am hardly a believer in anything supernatural, the Zodiacal descriptions ascribed to my birth date are usually dead-on: Creative; homebody; romantic; family-oriented; sensitive; quirky; adventurous (to a point); imaginative and fiercely loyal. I'd like to think that most of those qualities apply. In my particular case, they often forget moody; restless; insomniacal (yes, I think I made up yet another new word) and just plain weird. Most (if not, all) of my friends will agree to that last one. 

All that aside, having reached an age I couldn't even begin to imagine as a child, I have also become a vociferous defender of LGBTQ rights; an advocate against bullying; a supporter of anti-suicide causes and, despite the unlikelihood of being a participant, a staunch supporter of Marriage Equality.

Which brings me to the video (via) which I am about to share. While neither an authorized product of Henson Productions or its parent company, Disney (both of which are supportive of LGBTQ causes and employees), this version of "The Rainbow Connection" (sung by a Kermit impersonator) speaks for so many folks in a funny and clever way. I hope that my sharing it will help make it go viral. 

If your birthday was today, please let me know. If you are a fellow Cancerian (or 'Moonchild'), please let me know. Hell, if you enjoyed the video or anything I have to say, please let me know. I always love hearing from you. 

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Anonymous said...

By the way, the impressoonist's name is Hersh Rephun. He wrote the song and some dude Jordan Brady created the video.

Anonymous said...

The impressionist's name is Hersh Rephun

Anonymous said...

I am a fellow Cancerian - July 16 - thanks for making my birth week even more special with this great video!! More love, more laughs!

Anonymous said...

This video is great! I love that the message is brought out in a humorous way! Thanks for putting it up; hope more people get to see this!

p.s. Kudos to Hersh!

Unknown said...

This video is great! I love that the message is sent through humor! Thanks for putting it up; hope more people get to see this!