Friday, March 15, 2013

A New Obsession

"Wonder Showzen"
It comes as no surprise to me that I missed "Wonder Shozen" when it aired on MTV2 in 2005 & 2006. The only thing I've watched on MTV since 1995 is "Teen Wolf," and I'm ready to give up on that if this season isn't a vast improvement over last.

Today, a link on CNN led me to an EW story about cult TV shows. And while I might have ranked more than a few differently, I can't really find fault with anything that introduces me to something so smart; sick; biting; satirical; anarchistic; subversive and downright genius. Essentially an adult parody of PBS's educational programming from the 70's (think Avenue Q but weirder, sicker and yes, dirtier). Annoying, foul-mouthed puppets; children singing and saying totally inappropriate things; cartoons that make Fritz the Cat look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and an obvious disdain for the media all add up to the most insanely hilarious stuff I've seen in ages.

Creators Vernon Chatman and John Lee are very sick (but very funny) men and the clips I've seen just today have me salivating for more. Both seasons are available on Amazon to download or purchase a DVD copy and I have added them to my 'Wish List,' if you care about such things and know that my birthday is just 4 short months away...

Just take a look at what I'm talking about (videos probably NSFW):

"Just like my nightmares!... Delicious Murder!"

And here's a completely inappropriately racist (but effing hilarious) little ditty:

And possibly the most horrific of all; "Aunt Flo:"

Of course, my favorite "Slaves" has had all embedding disabled, but you can watch it in all it's horror-inducing hilarity, here.

I always like to think of myself as ahead of the pack when it comes to outre and/or subversive entertainment, so I have no idea how this gem passed under my radar.. Perhaps a different venue (IFC or even SHOWTIME) might have nurtured "Wonder Showzen" beyond two seasons. But MTV2? 

Regardless, I now feel compelled to seek out the entire show. A new obsession is born!

More, anon.

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