Saturday, October 29, 2011


So last night's post about the zombie sheep in Black Sheep got me thinking about zombie animals, in general. Robert Kirkwood, creator and executive producer of "The Walking Dead" said on last week's "Talking Dead" that in his stories, zombieism was non-transmugenic or not shared between species. But a quick Google image search brought up loads of zombie animal images and I thought I'd share some of them with you, here.
I first saw the "Zomboodle" on your right in a post shared by a friend on Facebook. I'm always against dressing up pets (dogs, cats, hamsters or birds), but shaving and dying them? That's another story. How badass would you look walking down the street with this dog as you Trick or Treated on Halloween? Below are a few more images I found, most of them Photoshopped, though a few are drawings and/or paintings. 

This Zomboxer looks a little sad, doesn't he?

This zombie kitty appears to have been created by the same artist, no?

This is a real dog, believe it or not. A blind Chinese Crested, this particular pup (now actually deceased, I believe) was a winner of the annual "Ugly Dog Contest." Poor thing...

This manipulated meerkat image would make the most avid Animal Planet fan run screaming...

Not so cute now, are you zombie koala?

"...with great big, gnarly teeth!" Zombunny will take you down!

This is how the Chinese are going to take over the world; with rare, adorable zombie pandas!

Stay tuned for a bonus post!

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Sean said...

Love the new look! I'm way behind on my reading for reasons that will soon be revealed but I thought that Once Upon A Time was GREAT! Really good story telling with great possibilities - so it will be cancelled after 3 shows.

Grim I thought was pretty good and better than BBC"s Hellsing ( I did like the nudity) and Super Natural. With Josh at the helm I do have higher expectations.

Prospero said...

Have you seen "American Horror Story?"

Sean said...

I'm enjoying it but missed the last two eps cause I didn't have access to FX and they hadn't posted the online until this weekend. They're doing a 4 hr marathon tonight starting at 10 and I'll be home again so they should have been dvr'd .