Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let Them Eat... Brains?

By now, regular readers know that Uncle P's sister has a side business as a custom cake baker. She makes specialized cakes customized for any event. Among my favorites cakes she's done are a pirate ship with pretzel railings and a camping cake with a pretzel campfire. She's also made gorgeous birthday and wedding cakes, though never a zombie cake. Well, except the one we made together when I was down to visit her in Florida this past April. But more of that, anon.

As if you haven't already guessed from the title and the picture on the right, tonight's post is all about Zombie Cakes and Zombie-themed food.

Of course, Uncle P is hardly surprised by the popularity of these gruesome comestibles. Zombies have never been as popular as they are now. There are Zombie Walks, Zombie Pub Crawls and I'm told there's even a very popular zombie TV series on cable. And what better way to celebrate than with zombie-influenced foods?

This is a watermelon, carved into a brain. Yum!

Here's a raspberry-filled cupcake topped with a candy brain. I may actually attempt this for a Halloween-themed dinner-party with friends next weekend.

I don't know if this jerky is supposed to be made from or intended for Zombies.

Most zombies I know prefer their food raw. I can't see this as a popular product among the living dead...

Here's a brain-shaped cake with a cleaver in it. I suppose that's a good way to divide the tasty treat evenly, though I doubt zombies are particular about portion size.

I'm not sure if this zombie cake is about to perform surgery or oral sex. 

Is this a zombie cake, an alien cake or a Nightmare Before Christmas cake? I don't get it...

Here's another zombie wedding cake. I hope the bride and groom are actually more attractive than this.

Almost finally, here's an adorable (?) Hello Kitty zombie cake. Oh, those wacky Japanese...

Uncle P once dreamed of a job as a special effects make-up artist. That was way back in the 80's when there were tons of jobs to be had with literally hundreds of FX studios. Now, I can design costumes and sets on paper that will make you lose your mind. But my sculpting skills are rather lacking, which is what one needed to make it in the industry, back then. Of course, CGI just about ended the industry, and while there are still a handful of studios producing physical effects, the demand has just about bottomed out. Why do I mention this? Just so you can wrap your heads around how bad a sculptor I am, before you take a look at the zombie cake Uncle P and his sister made last April. Sis baked the cake and provided the icing, fondant and modeling chocolate. Uncle P actually sculpted the figures (more like mangled). It didn't matter, though. Sis and I literally laughed ourselves silly while putting this hot mess together. And now I share it with you, in the hopes you won't think less of me...

Yikes! No more cakes for me!

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