Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Gayest Thing You'll See This Month

Do you remember Chris Crocker? Chris was the androgynous Vlogger who posted the infamous "Leave Britney Alone!" video on YouTube, which currently has over 36 million hits. He cried and ranted and sobbed and generally made a fool of himself for all the world to see. 

Uncle P, for one, was actually embarrassed for the poor thing. That a fan could get so caught up in what other people thought of his obsession he would post such a ridiculous video seemed to me the ultimate in time-wasting and attention-grabbing.
Well, I guess the joke's on me, because Crocker is back with a music video of his own (via). "Freak of Nature" is Crocker's personal diatribe on accepting him for who he is. And while I have never been the kind of person to flaunt my sexuality (the people I love and who love me accept me already), I suppose I can't fault him for trying to extend his Fifteen Minutes, no matter how ridiculous he makes himself look in the process of doing so. Watch the clip and then tell me you aren't still embarrassed for the poor thing (possibly NSFW):

Chris Crocker - Freak of Nature OFFICIAL (uncensored) MUSIC VIDEO!! from chris crocker on Vimeo.

Seriously. Is it me? Or are you as embarrassed for this young man as I am? Now I realize that posting this clip only perpetuates Crocker's presence on the Web, which is exactly what he's hoping for. But it is my hope that by commenting on it's ridiculousness (not to mention how bad the song is), people will see this little fame whore for exactly what he is, and he will remain a very minor footnote in entertainment history. If you're planning on sharing this, share in the context in which I have - derisively calling a whore a whore and hopefully helping to put an end to the kind of undeserved "Instant Celebrity" that exposure on YouTube has managed to create.

More, anon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why this would surprise you.Our culture now rewards people for bad behavior and poor taste.Is he really so wrong for wanting to have a piece of the pie?