Sunday, August 22, 2010

PA Pride

Uncle P is lucky enough to live and work in Bucks County, PA. It's a really beautiful and diverse place, close to both Philadelphia and New York City, not at all far from the Jersey Shore and well withing driving distance of both Boston and DC.

The weather isn't always perfect (horrible humidity in the summer and winters that can run the gamut from mild to wild), but that's what happens when one lives in a valley. Still, the fall foliage rivals anything in New England (as evidenced by the picture of the Delaware River on your right) and the political climate is among the most progressive in the Commonwealth (the state of Pennsylvania is a commonwealth, as are Massachusetts; Kentucky; Virginia and Puerto Rico). I sometimes think of Bucks County as the Italy of Pennsylvania, given it's vague, scrunchy boot-like shape.

In Bucks, the County Seat is the quaint town of Doylestown, about 45 minutes north of where I live. The County Courthouse is located there, along with some terrific shops and restaurants. Uncle P's dear friend Q celebrated her 50th Birthday at the County Theatre in Doylestown and more than one of my co-workers live there.

By now you are asking "So what's your point, Uncle P?" Well, last week, Doylestown became the 17th municipality in Pennsylvania to adopt an official policy banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or identification (via). This means that no business in Doylestown may refuse employment or services to any person because of his or her sexual identity. Bucks has always been at the forefront of LGBT rights. New Hope (a place I've often described as "PA's P-town") has been Bucks' LGBT center for as long as I can remember and I see more rainbow stickers on the bumpers of cars in Bucks County than almost anywhere else I've traveled in the state.

And while this may not be The Gayest Thing You'll See This Week, it's certainly the best news I've shared with you in a while and yet another reason I'm proud to live where I do.

Please enjoy this brief video tour of New Hope. It should give an idea of why Bucks County is such a great place to live and work.

More, anon.

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