Friday, September 6, 2013

Grand New Music

Steve Grand
Gorgeous singer/songwriter, former model and porn actor Steve Grand had a massive hit this July with his debut single "All American Boy," a song and video that hit home with Uncle P in more ways than I care to admit (if my personal All American Boy is reading this, you know you who you are - as do several of my closest friends).

Grand is back with his follow-up, "Stay." Deliberately (at least I hope it's deliberate) referencing the video for "All American Boy," it's obvious that Steve has a thing for standing up and singing in moving vehicles. This time, however, it's with another, equally hot gay boy who has no problem with PDAs. Still, a catchy tune, hot guys and the beach along Lake Michigan make for some good times in his latest (via Grand's Facebook page):

Seriously, where were these kinds of Pop-Stars when Uncle P was their age? Oh, yeah. In the closet, just like I was. It truly makes me happy that artists like Grand no longer to feel the need to hide.  

There's also a new video from a rather more established Pop-Star, today. Katy Perry debuted the video for her latest single "Roar," which features lyrics that are rather obvious digs at her creepy ex-husband, Russell Brand (or possibly her current non-fiance, well-known D-Bag John Mayer). Either way, Perry makes it clear she's not afraid to face the fiercest jungle cat (via):

While I still think most modern Pop Music is derivative and boring, both Grand and Perry have managed to create songs which have me dancing in my chair. Maybe I'm not quite as old as I think I am. 

Nah... I'm old enough to be the father of both of them. And while I'd be very proud of both of them, the likelihood of my being anyone's father is very low. 

More, anon.

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