Friday, August 9, 2013

The Gayest New Rap Music You'll Hear This Week

F. Virtue
Uncle P is generally not a fan of Hip-Hop/Rap. It has nothing to do with my age. I was there at the beginning, kids. I thought it was going to be another novelty or short-lived phenomenon like Disco. But it wasn't. Instead, it got intense and homophobic and people were being shot and killed and it just got ugly, both in themes and sounds. 

There have been a very few exceptions to my aversion to the genre, one of which I heard a long time ago (and I have no idea who it was or what the song was) which was a rap in French. As a French speaker, I found the phrasing rather fascinating. And I don't mind short bursts of rap in the middle of a really good pop tune (though really good pop tunes are very few and far between, these days).

And I actually like the latest single from openly gay rapper F. Virtue, 'Anita Bryant.' 

For those of you too young to remember, Anita Bryant is a former Miss America (1959) from Oklahoma who had a very lucrative deal promoting Florida Orange Juice in the 1970's. The ultra-conservative Christian went on the warpath when Dade County, Florida passed one the country's first  anti-LGBT discrimination laws in 1977; decrying LGBT people as immoral and consequently derailing her OJ contract. She was once rather famously pied at press conference, to which she infamously replied, "At least it's a fruit pie!" 

Stupid Bitch. Anita is still with us, poor thing. I hope every state that passes Marriage Equality Laws drive a stake through her shriveled, black, homophobic heart.

Wow! Another very uncharacteristically mean thing for Your Host to say. I can't fault Ms. Bryant for the lies she was taught to be truth as a child, but I can fault her for never bothering  to question what she was being taught. Of course, much like today's WBC and NOM (among others), Bryant's greatest contribution to the Community has been raising awareness about discrimination, hate and blind faith. Dare I suggest we actually thank to former Beauty Queen? We can at least be charitable and forgive her lack of true worldly compassion (something I've always been led to believe true Christians must possess).

Anyway... Virtue's 'Anita Bryant' is smart, defiant and probably NSFW. While Virtue is no Chris Evans or Jake Gyllenhaal, he probably wouldn't get kicked out for eating crackers in my bed. Enjoy (via): 

More, anon.

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