Monday, March 18, 2013

The Gayest Music Video You'll See This Week

Mister Chase
I won't be shy about it - I like great new music and hot guys. Mister Chase managed to fit into both of those categories this week with the release of his newest video for the song "Stay."

Truthfully, I was not aware of Mister Chase until I stumbled on his video today on Towleroad, America's premiere site for LGBT news. I have no idea how such a talented hottie managed to remain under my radar for so long. The video for "Stay" is both sexy and poignant and shows another side of Chase. Known primarily for dance tracks, Chase takes a chance on a torch-song ballad with "Stay" and it pays off. The video's striking visuals speak to all of us who thought they had found "the one," only to find out otherwise.

Here (via) is the video (might be NSFW, depending on where you work).

Having grown up in a fundamentalist Christian household, Chase suffered from academic anxiety until he discovered his school's theater club and began to overcome his fears (much like Uncle P did). His albums are available for download on iTunes or on CD from Amazon.

More, anon.

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