Friday, November 30, 2012

Dark Skies

Keri Russell in Dark Skies
I've been looking into movies beyond the holiday season and came across this rather intriguing trailer for Dark Skies starring Keri Russell ("Felicity") and directed by Scott Stewart (the almost good Legion and the absolutely terrible Priest). Scheduled for a February 22nd release (the traditional dumping ground for movies in which the studios have no faith), Dark Skies has an interesting premise, at least:

A suburban family find themselves under attack by aliens who apparently want to abduct them for nefarious reasons. Russell certainly has her fans, while Spider-Man, "The Closer" and "Law & Order: SVU" star J.K. Simmons appearance adds some legitimacy and attractive "Third Watch" veteran Josh Hamilton (NOT the baseball player) adds some over-40 eye-candy. 

The movie's trailer claims tenuous ties to the atrocious Paranormal Activity and the terrifying Insidious, but that really means nothing. February and March films have been improving lately, though not by much. I hope this Sci-Fi/Horror mashup proves me wrong. And maybe I can finally get D back into a cinema after the trauma of Insidious.

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