Monday, September 10, 2012

The Trashiest Thing You'll See This Week

Hot Mess, Lorna Bliss
With the exception of "America's Got Talent," in which anyone of any age with any type of act can audition, I usually hate 'reality' talent shows like "Amerivan Idol;" "The X-Factor" and "The Voice." Sure, talent shows have been around for a very long time and occasionally they discover truly talented performers (Rosie O'Donnell; Kelly Clarkson; Jennifer Hudson; Adam Lambert) but usually they exploit completely untalented folks who are desperate for fame, at any cost.

Such is the subject of tonight's post, Britney Spears 'impersonator' Lorna Bliss. Bliss has previously appeared on "Britain's Got Talent" and (according to her) TV shows all over the world. Like so many other 'celebrities' who are famous for no particular reason (Paris Hilton; Kim Kardashian; Bethany What's-Her-Name), Bliss seems to think that fame will solve all her problems. Truly tragic.

Now, you may be asking why I'm writing about her, if I think she's so awful. And you're right. I do think she's awful. But I am posting about her because I want people to realize that this kind of fame is completely empty. 

Twenty years from now, no one will know her name. But 100 years from now, people will still be talking about Marie Curie; Rosa Parks and Michelle Obama. And that's because those women actually made a real difference in the world. 

Bliss' contribution? An embarrassing YouTube moment in which she not only humiliates herself but supports the continued objectification of women and will be around as long as the Internet exists, but also encourages other untalented fame whores to attempt equally or even more degrading acts of self-exploitation. How sad is that?

Below (via) is Bliss' humiliating "X-Factor" audition. Judge for yourselves:

Ugh! While I may want to leave my mark on the world, I hope that I would never stoop to this level.

More, anon.

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