Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Gayest Things You'll See This Week (Probably NSFW Version)

Danell Levya
That's Cuban/American Danell Levya in the picture to your left. The 21 year-old gymnast is not just gorgeous but talented, having won the 2012 Men's All Around Gymnastics Gold medal at the London Olympics. Sigh... were I thirty (hell - twenty-five) years younger... Danell is also the 2011 World Champion on Parallel Bars. He has his own signature move on the Horizontal Bar: "The Jam-Dislocate-Hop-to-Undergrips," whatever the hell that means. Personally, I was lucky I was able to do a forward roll and clear the pommel horse (usually) in gym class. Of course, had I actually enjoyed gymnastics in school, I might have led a very different life. Those of you who are and/or were non-athletic know what I'm talking about. I've mentioned this before, but sex with someone like Danell has to be amazing, though only someone as athletically inclined could keep up with him. Much like I imagine sex with one of my other obsessions (link Very NSFW) would be. I don't care if kills me - I'll die with a smile on my face (yes, another TMI moment from Uncle P). There is no official word on Danell's sexuality, but that doesn't mean a man can't dream...

So, onto reality. Or at least, a fictional version of it. If you haven't figured it out by now, Uncle P is both a Bear and a Bear Fan. There is a hilarious new comedy/mystery/gay Webseries called "Where the Bears Are" on Vimeo. It is both hot and hilarious and I recommend it for all Bears and Bear lovers. Nelson (Ben Zook) wakes up to find a hot bartender (Ian Parks) in his bed, only to later discover the bartender's roommate dead in his bathtub. The first three episodes are available here. Below is a preview (via):

Where The Bears Are Teaser #1 from Where the Bears Are on Vimeo.

Finally, here's some new music from Matt Ryanz featuring gay porn star Derek Atlas (via):

It doesn't get much gayer than that -- even Uncle P's first foray into Philly's "gayborhood" in ten years wasn't as gay (all the guys were at the Jersey Shore, apparently - ugh!) as I'd hoped it would be. My Day Job friend and I still had ourselves a good time - at least we weren't sitting around our respective  houses just waiting for something interesting to happen.

More, anon.

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