Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Is Why...

AMC's daring and often brilliant The Walking Dead ranks as my number two show on TV. Season two was... interesting. And despite protests of the show taking too long to get going, you can't deny that the last three or so episodes were nothing less than spectacular. 

Somehow, a certain red-headed auto-enthusiast scooped me on the Season 3 trailer that was presented at the "Walking Dead" Comic-Con panel. But I've stolen it from him (I know he won't mind) and posted it, below.

The other day, while watching "Falling Skies" with my mother, I said "I can't believe that two of your favorite shows are Science Fiction and Horror."

"What Horror?" she asked, puzzled.

"'The Walking Dead,' silly."

"Oh, that's not Horror. That's drama."

And of course, she's right. If I were to say the word "sub-genre" to her, Mom would cock her head and be off thinking about something else entirely. For her to be able to lump in her beloved procedurals; hospital dramas; law firm dramadies and cooking shows alongside "The Walking Dead;" "Falling Skies" and "Fringe," is nothing less than amazing to me (though I often have to explain what's happening on "Fringe" - a show she likes, but isn't quite sure why, Of course, she even surprised herself by falling in love with "The Walking Dead" almost against her wishes. Yes, I sort of forced her to watch that first astonishing episode and she was, like millions of people, desperate to know what happened next. 

TV's most ambitious thriller, ever, returns this October.  Excuse me for drooling.

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John Going Gently said...

my only problem with is ( and it is a fear more than a problem) that the whole thing could become a sort of video game....
having said that....I was so excited that meek little carol has learned to shoot!!!
way to go

Stephen said...

Zombie is not my favorite genre, but I am crazy about this show.