Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Easiest "Hell Week" Ever


To Theatre Folk (who are not too far removed from Circus Folk), "Hell Week" is the last week of rehearsals before a show opens. There is often lots of flailing, wailing and running around and usually plenty of yelling, screaming and crying from everyone involved. And while this is sometimes the case with a JTMF show, more often than not, there is little of that. For Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol," there has been absolutely none of the usual Hell Week nonsense. 

After nine years of producing benefit shows, I think we may have actually gotten it down to a science. Of course, it helps that no one involved in a JTMF show has a personal agenda. The 'Diva Factor' just doesn't exist with us. We're all working towards a common goal and honoring the memory of a fallen comrade, while raising money to help those still with us.

Our Winter Event has proven to be very easy two years in a row, now. A radio play is a joy to produce: Small cast with script in hand; minimal rehearsals; a couple of Foley artists; limited light cues and basically no set to speak of all make for a simple and easy show. And working with a bunch of folks who know, respect and love one another makes the whole process so easy for all involved.

My cast and crew (as always) are amazing. My producer is my hero and the chance to perform with so many talented folks is an early Christmas present that means more than any gadget, toy or sweater ever could. 

Just know there will be more shameless self-promotion to come this week. We need butts in seats, folks! Get your tickets now! I promise you'll have a good time. And if you don't... well, you  just may well need a visit from three spirits of your own.

More, anon.

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