Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Weirdness, Nonsense 'n Hatin'

This is going to be the first of two rather hectic weekends for Uncle P. Why I am still up at this hour on a school night is beyond me. But I am an insomniac, so I may as well do something. 

This Saturday is another of my college friends' themed dinners. I know I've talked about them, but I'm much to lazy to look them up to link to it. We have a list of possible themes which in 20 or so years of doing this, we've only now begun to get to some of the more esoteric themes. I guess because of Passover, we finally chose Jewish Food as our theme. I am making my rather amazing (if I say so myself) chicken soup. I am also making matzoh balls for the first time, ever. I went to a friend at work and a friend of my mother's for advice. Both of them said cook the balls before you add them to the soup and "...don't make them like New York Deli softball matzoh balls that fill the whole damned bowl!" One advised "...meatball-sized" and the other "...egg-size - but decent eggs: not scrawny pullet eggs - don't skimp!" However, Bubbe Suzie passed on an additional secret that she guarantees will make "...the lightest, fluffiest, you can't even imagine how good these are, matzoh balls." I'm going to take Bubbe Suzie's advice and then let you know what it is, if it works.

I also wanted to address my first actual requested topic,* which will come apparent shortly. My dear, sweet friend Bill asked me to address a specific viral video which was also mentioned to me in the same context, by my mother. But since it will be Friday when I finish, and I'll probably be spending most of my Friday night cooking for Saturday, and we're already talking about viral videos, we'll start with the evil, evil Friday by Rebecca Black. I'm not going to embed it here, but have linked to it in case you've never seen it.  And don't yell me when you do see it. I didn't make the damnable thing! What I will embed are these two (of so many) very funny parodies of it:

Then there is this amazing version that proves even the smelliest of turds can be polished with a good dose of stylistic irony...

But Friday isn't the viral clip my friend Bill has asked me to address. And while I completely agree with him about this particular clip, I must preface it with other clips I can't enough of. I know I've said this before, but the one sound that will get me laughing without fail, is the sound of a baby laughing:

Adorable, yes? But there is one baby clip that makes me and my friend Bill almost hate babies. You know the one. It ran 670 times on television today, alone. And almost every single person I know has linked to it somewhere online. It's those evil, conniving twins. Yeah, you think it's cute for about 10 seconds, but 2 minutes of "DAT-DAT-DAT-DAT-DAT-DAT-DAT-DAT!? (giggle, giggle); DAT-DAT-DAT-DAT-DAT.." .ad nauseum is not really all that entertaining. But the version below is:

So, in a nutshell, YouTube is evil? No, not really. Just some of the people who use (and abuse) it.

*The only other request I've honored has been for a title. Do you have something you'd like me to address, comment upon, shred to pieces or otherwise make fun of ? Suggest either a topic or a title and I just may well use it.

More, anon.

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