Monday, January 24, 2011

The Gayest Things You'll See This Week

Not that I'm now shilling for Frito-Lay (I'm not). but for the past several years they've been running a "Crash the Superbowl" contest, the winner of which gets to have his or her Doritos commercial air during the Superbowl (you know it exists, even if you don't watch it).*

There have been some very funny entries and winners over the years, though I don't really remember any gay-themed entries in the past (or at least any that were positive - oh wait, that's Snickers. Nevermind - suck it, Mars).

Anyway, I discovered the two entries below tonight on Towleroad. They are funny and inoffensive enough, as long you have a sense of humor -- something sorely lacking in so many people these days. I mean I'm all for political correctness -- to a certain extent. Sometimes, though, you just have to sit back, laugh and admit something's funny, even if it isn't particularly PC. Still, I don't think there's anything particularly offensive in either of these spots (unless you object to half-naked hotties, but that's a different issue altogether). So, without further ado, here are the two gayest entries in this year's contest:

Yes. Yes I do.

I'll bet she never lets him trim those hedges again...

And on a more serious note, also via Towleroad but seen on several other sites today, a courageous young woman (identified only as "Kayla K.") comes out to her entire High School as part of their MLK Day festivities. Kudos to this courageous young lady and to the school officials who were not afraid to let her do it:

We need more kids like this, more educators like this and more people who are willing to "Break the Silence." I certainly hope she finds the partner of her dreams. She (as do we all) deserves it. That video should be required viewing in every High School in the U.S.

More, anon.

*Update - 1/26/11: Since I posted this, Frito-Lay has distanced themselves from these ads (via) saying they are fan-made and will definitely NOT appear during the Superbowl. Personally, I know no one who found these ads offensive and think if Frito Lay was smart, they'd start wooing gay customers.


Stephen said...

The commercials are funny, PC or not PC... funny & sorta hot.

Prospero said...

More than sorta.. LOL.